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The Project

Developed in the year 2000, Bioplex is a multi-disciplinary research project at WV State University. With the support of Senator Robert C. Byrd and funding from the US Department of Agriculture, this project addresses issues surrounding economic and environmental impacts of wastes produced by agricultural industries in WV.   West Virginia poultry farms produce 145,000 tons of each year, contributing to pollution of the Potomac River and Chesapeake Bay. WVSU scientists are focused on using anaerobic digestion technology to turn this organic waste into economic and environmental assets by developing new and unique uses. The focus of current past research includes:

â–ª Biofuel and Methane Production
â–ª Mine Land & Soil Reclamation   
â–ª Pathogen Reduction
â–ª Protein Supplement in Fish Feed
â–ª Organic Fertilizer Trials   
â–ª Process Engineering
â–ª Education and Outreach
â–ª Microbiology


The Impact

The Bioplex project at WVSU has received regional, national and international attention. Several groups interested in regional and industrial digester technology have visited the project and incorporated our technology into their designs for future digesters. Poultry litter digesters are being constructed on farms in Louisiana and Ontario, Canada in part because of information and site tours of the West Virginia State University Bioplex Project. This Project has demonstrated the performance and stability of anaerobic digesters for such use as, soil amendments and hydroponic crop production, pathogen destruction, and biogas production.

Bioplex has also provided education, work and technical experience for 15 on campus students, 6 international students, 2 post doctoral research associates, and has created jobs for 2 research scientists and 4 staff members.   

The Collaborations

The Bioplex Project at WVSU has created working collaborations and partnerships with a diverse group of agencies, institutions and organizations, including:

â–ª USDA                   
â–ª WV Department of Agriculture                                  
â–ª Marshall University       
â–ª North Carolina A&T         
â–ª University of Georgia                     
â–ª EnviroControl, LTD                  
â–ª University of Exeter, UK
â–ª University of Chapingo, Mexico
â–ª Mid-Atlantic Water Quality Group

Research Scientists:

Dr. Joseph "Max" Domaschko




Dr. David Huber




Dr. Ami Smith




Dr. Teodoro Espinosa


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